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Established in 1969 through a Center of Excellence grant from the National Science Foundation, GEM offers services within and outside the university system to biological, biomedical sciences, plant biology, geology, chemistry, textiles, archaeology, agriculture, physics, and nanotechnology/materials analysis.

The Center is a unique medley of state-of-the-art equipment, a highly competent technical staff, and a broad education mission. These three ingredients, plus the treatment of each client's scientific problem as being individually unique maximizes the use of the facility. The Center fulfills its research, teaching, and service functions as mandated by the University system.

GEM is co-directed by Dr. Tina Salguero and Dr. John Shields, and supported by a full time Lab Manager Dr. Eric Formo.

GEM staff are involved with the Southeastern Microscopy Society and the Microscopy Society of America.

Featured Researcher: Dr. Sergiy Minko in Textiles (Family and Consumer Sciences)