Electron Microscopy Class


Contact Information
Dr. Mark Farmer
152 Barrow Hall
Email: farmer@cb.uga.edu
Dr. Buddy Stephens
Electron Microscopy Lab
College of Veterinary Medicine
Dr. John P. Shields
156 Barrow Hall
Patrick Brown 
154 Barrow Hall

BIOL/CBIO/VPAT 5040/7040

 A Course in the theory, fundamental operating principles, and specimen preparation             techniques of the transmission electron microscope (TEM) and scanning electron 
microscopy (SEM) is offered every year in the Fall semester. An accompanying laboratory course is offered in the Fall semester and on-demand in the spring semester. 

The course is available to graduate students and upper level undergraduates and is 
co-taught by Drs. Mark Farmer, John Shields, and Buddy Steffens. 

The EM course is offered through the Division of Biological Sciences of the University
and covers the use of the instruments, specimen preparation, ultramicrotome and 
basic techniques needed to prepare biological and non-biological samples for electron microscopy and X-ray microanalysers. Training is also available on an individual basis for technicians and staff wishing to explore specific problems in electron microscopy. 

Dr. Steffens notes
Dr. Farmer's Notes
Dr. Shields' Notes
Lecture Syllabus
Lab Syllabus
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Yoda's Tip of the Week!

    This week you will be making thin films with which to coat grids.  These can be very useful, indeed indispensable, when it is important that you have every portion of a sample available for viewing.  There are numerous types of thin films, but the most common are Formvar (a type of plastic polymer) and Carbon or a combination of the two.  There are other types of films used, but they are less common and will not be discussed during the normal class period.

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