CBIO 8050 - Techniques in Modern Microscopy
Instructors: Charles Keith (chkeith@cb.uga.edu) and John Shields (jshields@cb.uga.edu)

CBIO8050 Page

Electron Microscopy Course
(Lecture: Biol 5040/7040; Lab: Biol 5050L/7050L)

Instructors: Mark Farmer (Cellular Biology) and John Shields (Cellular Biology)

A course in the theory, fundamental operating principles, and specimen preparation techniques of the transmission electron microscope (TEM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) is offered every year in the Fall semester. An accompanying laboratory course is offered in the Fall semester and on-demand in the spring semester.
The course is available to graduate students and upper level undergraduates

The EM course is offered through the Division of Biological Sciences of the University and covers the use of the instruments, specimen preparation, ultramicrotomy and basic techniques needed to prepare biological and non-biological samples for electron microscopy and X-ray microanalysers. Training is also available on an individual basis for technicians and staff wishing to explore specific problems in electron microscopy

Before you arrive at lab, please do the following:

Read the Standard Operating Procedures for the EM Lab at www.uga.edu/caur/sop.htm
Complete the online Right to Know safety module at UGA Env. Safety Division and bring the certificate to class.
Download the Course Syllabus

How to find the Center for Ultrastructural Research (EM Lab) and other information you need to work there.

Course Syllabus (PDF format)

Lab Manual (PDF format)

Recipe Book (PDF format)

Zeiss 1450EP Instructions (PDF format)

Dr. Farmer's Powerpoint presentations

Dr. Shields' Class Notes

Dr. Fan's Powerpoint presentations

SEM Class Notes

TEM Class Notes

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